Lisa Wells

For Whispering Pines Village Council

When my family and I made Whispering Pines our home in 2009, its unique charm captivated us instantly. From the stunning landscape to the genuine community warmth, it’s clear why so many choose to call this place home.

Here, we aim to be more than just neighbors. My main goal is to foster unity, seek solutions, and encourage civility, rather than get caught up in unnecessary conflicts.

Rest assured, I’m not here with a pre-set agenda or a personal project in mind. I promise to approach each issue with a clear and unbiased perspective, making the effort to understand every aspect. My commitment lies in collaborating effectively with our village staff, residents, and fellow council members, always prioritizing the community’s best interests. If you resonate with this, I aim to ensure Whispering Pines remains a place we’re all proud to call home.

Vision & Values

Preserve. Unify. Balance.

My Focus Points:

  • Preservation: I’m dedicated to making sure Whispering Pines retains its unique charm, even as we face changes and growth.

  • Unity: I want to connect people, champion respect, and keep our community feeling like one big family.

  • Responsible Development: Growth is on the horizon, but it shouldn’t mess with our cherished quality of life. It’s all about ensuring it aligns with what our community values most.

Whispering Pines is special because we all genuinely appreciate and care for this place. We’ve got a good thing going with low taxes, awesome neighbors, beautiful parks, open spaces, and those inviting lakes that offer so much for everyone.

Now, with our village evolving and growing, it’s important we handle these changes thoughtfully. Our Land Use Plan is key in making sure we stay true to our core values, like maintaining a serene environment and fostering a community spirit. And of course, prioritizing our environment and encouraging outdoor activities remains a top focus.

Change can be a bit tricky sometimes, potentially causing some unease. That’s why I’m passionate about keeping our community united and connected. I envision a Whispering Pines where everyone feels heard and valued, even with differing opinions. My commitment is to be transparent, genuine, and always prioritize the community’s best interests.

If my vision aligns with yours, I’d be honored to have your vote.

Meet Lisa

Military spouse, consultant, fur-mom


I am Lisa Wells, and I enthusiastically announce my candidacy for the Whispering Pines Village Council. As a devoted mother to two incredible adult sons and a proud fur-mom to two rescue dogs (foster fails!), I recognize the importance of nurturing and safeguarding our community.

Like many in Moore County, my family and I settled here due to military assignments. Throughout my journey as a military spouse, I’ve cultivated a diverse professional background, formerly working for city government as an IT specialist and now as a marketing, operations, & systems consultant.

I’ve always believed in the significance of active participation within my communities. For over three decades, I was part of the military community and did everything from activate phone trees as a Key Volunteer to create newsletters during deployments. One of the more unique roles was serving as the Senior Enlisted Adviser Spouse during my husband’s tenure at Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). This position entailed assisting the Family Readiness Officer with welcoming and integrating new families into the command, facilitating educational initiatives, and most importantly, acting as the representative voice for the enlisted family during policy revisions. It was such an honor to shepherd the spouses through the trials and tribulations as military members underwent the rigorous assessment, selection, and qualification process – undoubtedly one of the most challenging periods of their military careers.

In the past 18 years, I’ve carved a niche for myself, championing the virtual assistance industry. I proudly served on the International Virtual Assistants Association’s Board of Directors, holding positions as both Vice President and President.

My passion for supporting others extends beyond the business realm. I’ve co-authored two books, my voice has echoed in Military Spouse magazine, in training courses aimed at empowering military spouses in their entrepreneurial endeavors, in the pages of Making It Work At Home and Aspire magazines, and across numerous podcasts discussing entrepreneurship.

When I’m not busy spoiling my dogs, I enjoy true crime podcasts, traveling, and reading Stephen King novels.

Voter Information

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Moore County Board of Elections website has a lot of information about candidate lists, polling places, election results, and “How To’s.”

For absentee ballots, voter registration resources, checking your registration status, and everything you need to know about the Voter ID requirement that is new this year, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections website or use the buttons below.

News & Updates 

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Communications Q&A

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Unity and Civility Q&A

Unity and Civility Q&A

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My Public Comment on Censure of Councilwoman Alexa Roberts

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