A Lesser Goal

Today’s discourse is dominated by the rising concerns about the escalating growth in Moore County and Whispering Pines, which appears unavoidable. While many champion growth as beneficial, it can carry significant drawbacks, namely the potential erosion of our current quality of life.

Many of us were drawn to Whispering Pines because of its quaint allure, serene pace, picturesque lakes, vast open spaces, welcoming neighbors, beautiful communities, and the awe-inspiring countryside that surrounds it.

However, if we don’t safeguard against unchecked and chaotic development pressures, both from external and internal sources, we risk losing these cherished attributes.

Whispering Pines’ Land Use Plan states, “Our vision for the future of the Village and its ETJ is for this area to remain a quiet, tranquil, and uniquely attractive Village. Those activities and land uses not compatible with this goal, such as non-residential areas, must be highly regulated. Increasing the tax base should be a lesser goal of the Village in making land use decisions.”

–>Increasing the tax base should be a LESSER GOAL of the Village in making land use decisions.

Growth for the mere sake of expanding isn’t always necessary.